Methodological works

Find a list of topics we have worked and we are working on. (Note that all illustrations on this page are somehow related to our projects. Find some more information about those illustrations by clicking on the links below the pictures, and find the relation for yourself.)


CogStat is a new type of data analysis and statistical software package. It compiles the analyses automatically, which makes the analysis faster, more precise and more coherent across studies. This is an essential and useful feature either for beginners or professionals, and it is a great opportunity for methodologists to find more standardized best practices for data analysis.

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While reliability is essential in many aspects of the research, many details are hardly known or applied. We try to advance the relevant use of reliability with several related research projects.

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Revealing heterogeneous interference effects

When the participants show interference effect for two properties, but the direction of the interference is not uniform, usual calculation methods cannot reveal the effect. We introduced a new method with which these heterogeneous interference effects can be uncovered.

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AlgoTaurus is a computer programming teaching game for absolute beginners. It is very easy to start working on a script, and the student can learn several features of computer programming by experimenting. According to our pilots, the task is quite addictive. It is a useful choice either if you want to start learning computer programming, or if you teach programming for beginners.

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Data Analysis Symposium

We started to organize the Best Practices in Data Analyses and Statistics Symposium to popularize either new or old solutions, to familiarize researchers with these methods, and to make these methods more accessible. In addition, the symposium is a great opportunity to discuss and evaluate various methods to improve research practice.

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Finding consensus

A domain/field of research can often benefit from a consensus. Agreement regarding terminology, models, and tasks used to measure specific constructs may be particularly beneficial.

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